Game Display Circumstances Grip San Francisco Bay Area Housing Market

This whole business of a “working from home business” can become quite confusing don’t you think? There a lot blind alleys, false turns, and bad directions out there if you are one of the millions who has poked around on or offline looking to work from home. I’m sure some of you have even thrown up your hands in disgust trying to decipher what is real, what’s for sale, and what’s just plain bad.

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So when you hear the stories that “prices have gone down” compared to last month or last year, keep in mind it may be simply that the mean price is reflecting more activity in the lower end of the market. Those changes don’t necessarily indicate that any individual home will sell for more or less today than it did a year ago.

Twitter is your real estate websites friend. Twitter can be used for more than just short updates. You can inform your Twitter followers of the latest read this via connecting your website and Twitter.

Washington’s most expensive home listing, Evermay, has dropped its asking price from $49 million to $39 million. This 3.58-acre, 12,000 square foot Georgian Revival estate has been on the market since September.

How can you get people to fill them out? That’s tricky. You can offer a discount on a service or a product, but that has the potential to take away anonymity. You can set up an anonymous survey that gives away a free prize once the survey is completed, like a free e-book or a coupon.

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Having a real estate agent versus managing the process alone can make all the difference in your experience both up front and for years to come. Be careful in your selection and have fun in the process.